Therapeutic Plant/Flower Baths:
The practice of using plant infusions in bath water for therapeutic use can be found in cultures and traditions around the world. In the Amazon, very similarly, plants are infused in freshly collected spring water, and either administered by pouring over the body or by immersing the body in the infusion, in a relxing place in nature. Plant baths are administered as part of a holistic treatment for the purpose of both prevention as well as healing. for the purpose of removing negative energies & re-placing them with supportive energies, balancing the yin & yang of the body, for connecting a person with the plant spirits, and for heightening of intuitive senses. Specific plant infusions can also be administered for the uses of attraction medicine or pusanga, for protection, and for treating specific ailments such as headaches, skin conditions, and more. On the whole, most people who experience a series of plant baths, experience a release of stuck or toxic emotions, relaxation, an overwhelming feeling of love, and a heightened connection to the natural world.