Shamanism & Ayahuasca

A Topic such as this, is so broad & also so specific, and can hardly be expressed accurately in few words… and even if it could, those words would surely be inadequate for expressing the vast dimensions of the potential impact of this work. While the term “shaman” finds it’s roots to the Tungus tribe of northern Siberia, the term is used to describe a specialized spiritual practice, which roots back perhaps thousands of years, far before the dawn of modern religion. Shamanism in essence, is a trade, which in the simplest of terms involves a man or woman who travels from an ordinary state of consciousness into the depths of the spiritual realms, through entering an altered state of consciousness in order to gather information, which can be used to diagnose illness, conduct healings, and offer counsel to clients in the communities in which they live. These altered states can be acquired by employing a vast number of very different techniques, to achieve in many ways a very similar outcome. In these terms, shamanism has been traced to every continent on the planet, and while the general awareness of it’s practice seemed to drop into obscurity for the last several hundred years, it’s practices have been alive and well in both indigenous and non-ingenous communities around the world. Today the interest and awareness in shamanism has been making a resurgence worldwide. It is our belief, that our current times of environmental crisis and declining health, is pushing us as a human species to reclaim some of the the techniques & traditions of our ancestors, as we are waking up to our higher collective intuitive & natural healing abilities. Since shamanism is rooted in a close and intimate relationship with nature, and involves finding solutions to problems by being in direct communication with the spirit of nature itself, it is a clear avenue to pursue when seeking to heal ourselves, each other and our relationship to the planet we live on. In the Amazon, shamanism has been practiced for perhaps thousands of years, by tribes & communities living in harmony with nature, and because of this, it has become a vast hub for medicinal knowledge and understanding. While western medicine has little framework for understanding how a shaman receives their knowledge, the fact that a great percentage of universities and big pharma companies have set up shop in the amazon to study the plants, that these shamans have been using to treat their clients, offers much evidence for those who seek scientific validation. A large percentage of pharmaceutical drugs in recent years been developed from Amazonian plant based remedies, many which have been long revered amongst certain healers in the Amazon. However, as we understand from the field of natural medicine, when you remove a certain nutrient or property from it’s natural plant environment, and put it to work independently as an isolate, or in a synthetic form, it seems to take on a different function in the body, and in in many cases while it may benefit the body in one way, it knocks it off balance in another. Holistically speaking, this is not a very viable option for those seeking long-term health or a balanced remedy to their condition. In this way, the plant based remedy is a more adequately and harmoniously designed medicine to treat illness and imbalance in the body, as the plant and human evolution are so directly interlinked. The natural, plant-based medicine works in harmony with the bodies natural process, and supports it both physically and energetically, helping to heal illness, prevent future issues through detoxification of the organs, and strengthening of the bodies energy systems, leaving a person feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. There are many natural medicine specialists in the Amazon, often referred to as “curanderos,” which essentially means healer. In other parts of the world, there are herbalists who focus on a broad spectrum of plant based medicines, which in the Amazon would be called a vegetalista, but because of the tremendous variety of medicines coming from such a diversity of types of plants, and from a diversity of Amazonian regions, you can find curanderos with very honed plant-based specialties. The Palero, who specializes in medicines that come from trees, the Sanangero who specializes in plants in the sanango family, the Tabacero who specializes in working with the tobacco plant, a Perfumero who specializes in essential oils & perfumes, and an Ayahuascero who is a specialist in working with the teacher plant, ayahuasca. All of these modalities like
While many of these healing modalities can often be associated with shamanic practice, this isn’t always the case. Often the wisdom is passed down from generation to generation, but if you search back far enough even in those such lineages, you will find someone, with a special ability for communicating with the spirits of nature and other realms. These abilities we believe are something that many who practice this work, seemed to have been born with, due to many past life experiences building up a vast well of awareness and ability. Without proper support and direction from elders, under the pressures of todays modern society, many of those with these abilities can become labeled as mentally ill, or become depressed and alienated.

At the Avatar Centre we look at each guest through the eyes of a holistic healer. We make physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual assessments throughout your stay to determine the treatments to administer. Treatments and length of treatment will range depending on your diagnosis, which often may require several ayahuasca ceremonies to determine the dynamics of your state. Many treatments can not be rushed for those who wish to prioritize travel or convenience over their health. Many  traumas to the body, mind & spirit have been compounded over many years, or even life-times, and to properly understand, diffuse and heal from such traumas requires much time and commitment to your health. Breaking down the human condition is much like peeling an onion. Before the center may be revealed, we must peel back one layer at a time. The outer layers may come off easily, as we shed our superficial attachments, but as we get further down to the areas of greater vulnerability, more trust, strength, precision, and commitment are required to see the work through. While major psychological breakthroughs can be made in a short amount of time using powerful "teacher” medicines like Ayahuasca, without allowing for proper time to integrate the medicine’s teachings, such a seeming breakthrough can often lead to societal shock or depression, as it can be challenging to know how to one’s new teachings into the framework of their current life situation. This is why we recommend longer stays…throughout a one month stay, one’s condition can be properly broken down and diagnosed, an effective treatment can be applied, and tools for integration can also be learned and practiced, to take home with you, to help ease the impact of returning to your old framework with a  new perspective on life.