What Is Ayahuasca Yoga?

Ayahuasca Yoga is a unique style of yoga taught directly to Pamela Lyness(Avatar Centre co-founder) by the Spirit of Ayahuasca over the course of the last 5 years in intensive relationship with the medicine. This new style of yoga helps us to integrate the multi-dimmensionality of existence into our daily lives, bringing together the energies from the spiritual & celestial realms and grounding them into the earth, with our bodies as the vehicle for this manifestation. When integrated both after and during ayahuasca ceremonies, it holds incredible potency, helping us to assimilate the messages of the medicine more readily into our minds, bodies and spirits. This style of yoga integrates sacred geometries, techniques of the breath, movement, and is best practiced while surrounded in nature. Other centers offer yoga as a tool for integration as part of their retreats, but "Ayahuasca Yoga" is something all of it's own, and as the asanas and movements were channeled directly from the spirit of ayahuasca, they hold something particularly potent, when combined with medicine work. Pamela Lyness, the original channeler of this work is the instructor teaching classes at the Avatar Centre.